Have an idea for a game?

MEBO Games is always looking for new games to possibly be published. Note that we are not just looking for ideas but for games. So you have to have a game with written rules and a prototype already tested. Try to test with as many people as possible and not just your friends (they will probably like it anyway because they are your friends).

What are we looking for?

1) Games with original themes or that are not very frequent. If it’s about Portugal, so much the better.

2) The mechanics must be original or else with new approaches and surprise elements (more than 1000 modern board games are published per year, so make sure your game is very original).

3) We look for familiar games (that can be played by different age groups). But we are open to other types of games (children’s, heavy, etc).

What are we NOT looking for?

Trivial, Risk, Monopoly, Chess, Checkers and similar “type” games.


Send a page to our email (and only one page, it can be a PDF document) where it should appear in a summarized way:
1) What is the theme of the game.

2) For what age, number of players and playing time.

3) A general description of the game and the main mechanics or mechanics of the game. Be as concrete as possible. Avoid using adjectives (like fantastic, unique, fun).

4) One or two photos of the game’s prototype to help you understand your idea better.

It is not important drawings or illustrations of your prototype. Don’t waste time with it. What is important is that it is clear and what each piece, cards etc. is for.
If we are interested in your idea, we will contact you to send us the rules at that time.
Good games!

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